Na Maloom Afraad Takes over Operation 021 review

It has actually been extremely hectic Eid days at Pakistani movie theaters, with the spotlight on 2 of the Home-made images, and certainly long waited for. After Waar release and enormous success of the film not just in Pakistan however worldwide, Pakistani manufacturers got the positive to launch more, and revival of the movie theater appeared inescapable. With Shaan's another action-thriller, Operation 021 and Javed Sheikh & Fahad Mustafa's Na Maloom Afraad, the fight for the top place was for sure occurring at the cinemas.

Lots of were anticipating Operation 021 to be a brand-new cover to the very same book as Waar. The film was simply a frustration for the audiences. All hyped, extremely marketed with extremely strong star lineup that included the ageless super star Shaan and Amina Haq, Choppy modifying and numerous tonal shifts leave proof of the modification in directors from Summer season Nicks to Jami. Discussion was stilted, uncomfortable and sidetracked from the motion picture. The one liners appeared required and created to be catch expressions. Operation 021 appeared 'story-less' to the majority of individuals, which is precise opposite to the previous Shaan-starrer Waar.

The greatest trouble with Operation 021 is the detach in between the advertising of the movie and the real item. It was a terrific motion picture, however not the one individuals were gotten ready for. Overlook all the Waar contrasts you're going to hear; this movie is on a various spectrum completely.

Operation 021 was booed at Young child and Capri movie theater Karachi, and was removed the 2nd day of EID! The dull response had not been all since of the film's faults however likewise due to the release of comedy-thriller, Nabeel Qureshi's 'Na Maloom Afraad'.

Na Maloom Afraad is not such as normal Pakistani or Bollywood films simply based upon a bad guy and a romance. It is a funny thriller film targeting the undiscovered subject relevant to the greatest city of Pakistan, Karachi. Everything about the film is merely sophisticated and way various consisting of the story, cast, cinematography, execution and music specifically, which is appealing and did fantastic!

The motion picture was seen by lots of stars & the testimonials were incredibly favorable.

You will certainly rupture into laughter while seeing the film. Na Maloom Afraad is an outstanding movie. Everything is best, the script. efficiencies & direction. After enjoying the motion picture you can happily state that we are no less than any individual.'-- Mohib Mirza testimonial after Na Maloom Afraad opened program.
I was anticipating a lot from the motion picture and now I can gladly state that the motion picture was better than my expectations. Nabeel Qureshi (Director of Na Maloom Afraad) did a dazzling task. Everyone in the cast did a fantastic task. It is the very first motion picture ever which is revealing the humor of Pakistan which is actually actually great. I praise each and everybody for such an incredible film.'-- Farhan Saeed testimonial after Na Maloom Afraad opened program.

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Operation 021
 Poster Of Operation 021

Operation O21 is an honest Pakistani spy Action thriller movie directed by Jami, co directed by Summertime Nicks and produced by Zeba Bakhtiar & her kid Azaan Sami Khan. It is Pakistan's very first Spy Action Thriller motion picture.

The movie, produced by is based upon a movie script by the global award winning author, Summertime Bodhi Nicks. Zeba Bakhtiar is the movie's executive manufacturer and the lead functions are played by Aamina Sheikh, winner of the very best starlet reward at the New york city International Movie Celebration, the popular star Shaan Shahid who has actually gotten awards with numerous Pakistani hits, most just recently Waar. Operation O21 is the 576th function movie of Shaan's profession.

  • Shaan Shahid work as Kashif Siddiqui
  • Ayub Khosoas Abdullah
  • Shamoon Abbasi
  • Aamina Sheikh work as Natasha
  • Ayaz Samoo work as Mani Abbas
  • Mustafa Changazi work as Shayan
  • Hameed Sheikh
  • Tatmain ul Qulb
  • Gohar Rasheed
  • Bilal Ashraf
  • Abdullah Ghaznavi
  • Joe Towne as Nathan
  • James Hallett as Stan
  • Wendy Haines
  • Summer Nicks
  • Daniyal Raheel

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